Asbestos Surveying

Shropshire Asbestos Services has extensive experience surveying domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

The purpose of the asbestos survey is to help manage asbestos in your premises.

The survey has to provide sufficient information for:

• An asbestos register and plan to be prepared
• A suitable risk assessment to be carried out
• A written plan to manage the risks to be produced

Shropshire Asbestos Services carry out a full spectrum of surveys for the purpose of:

• Initial identification and management
• Management (Re-inspection)
• Pre-Refurbishment
• Pre-Demolition

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 4 “Duty to Manage”, requires the duty holder to find out whether premises contain asbestos. Failure to comply may result in prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

A management survey will be required during the normal occupation and use of the building to ensure continued management of the ACMs in situ. A refurbishment or demolition survey will be necessary when the building (or part of it) is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished.

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Asbestos Consultancy

Whether you’re a duty holder for a single building or manage a large complex portfolio of properties, navigating  CAR 2012 can appear daunting and leave you feeling confused.

Here at SAS we believe that compliance doesn’t have to be complicated.

Shropshire Asbestos Services will help you navigate the moral and legal obligations for asbestos management, by offering an outsourcing solution that can be tailored to your needs. Retaining our expertise ensures that you have all the support you need, at a fraction of the cost of directly employing an asbestos manager.

We provide:

GAP Analysis – a review of your existing data to identify opportunities for improvement

Asbestos Management Plans – writing management plans with integrated action plans

Specification Writing – assisting our clients to tailor their surveying and removal needs

Tender Support & Documentation Analysis – including contractor critique, interview questioning, an impartial review of tenders received and independent advice

RAMS Review – an independent review prior to commencement of removal works

Audits – including auditing asbestos removal contractors.

Ongoing Management and Compliance Monitoring

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Seconded Asbestos Manager

There are many reasons organisations are unable to allocate sufficient resources to this important health and safety role. We appreciate Asbestos Management is a top priority for the majority of compliance managers, however restrictions may be in place due to lack of capital to recruit a full-time asbestos manager and maintain their skills and knowledge..

Whilst this may be the case, it is still a legal requirement to be able to demonstrate that you are compliant. Failure to comply may result in the HSE taking legal action.

We offer flexible outsourcing solutions to ensure that you have all the support you need, at a fraction of the cost of directly employing an asbestos manager. Our bespoke approach is designed to offer cost effective solutions with legal compliance at the forefront.

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